I was searching for a Checker Cab for sale, and was surprised to find they are relatively thin on the ground, They were manufactured from 1956-1982, The car hardly changed from 1960 thru 1982 apart from a few exterior changes.


A car that is instantly recognizable across the globe and has been a prominent feature in many hit films such as “Taxi Driver” with Robert De Niro, Back in 1989 my brother bought a Checker Cab for restoration for $1,000, though particularly famous in New York they were used all across the states, Production peaked in 1962 with around 6900 being sold for use as cabs by 1975 this number had dropped to about 2600 being sold as cabs


Here are some prices:



Checker Cab: $2542

Power steering: $64

Power brakes: $33

Air con costing a staggering $411


Average fare:$1.25 (about $9.64 today)



Checker Cab: $5394

Air con: $362 (why was air con cheaper 13 years later?)


Average fare: $3.10 (about $13.25 today)


In 2006 the last active checker cab was sold at Christies auction for  $9,400, having been used up until 1999


 I managed to find one that is still in its original livery for $9800 which I think is cheap for such a slice of history, Still got the meter in there as well so you can recoup some of the money when you are running the family around!


1966 Checker Cab For Sale





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